Flammable vs. Inflammable

I found out why “flammable” and “inflammable” mean the same thing.

Back in the 1920s the National Fire Protection Association urged people to start using the word ‘flammable’ instead of ‘inflammable’ (which is the original word) because they were concerned some people might think inflammable meant not-flammable. Actually, the “in-” in “inflammable” comes from the Latin “en-” (like enflamed), not the Latin prefix meaning “un-“.

I love stuff like this.


Secret lives of things: pan


Later, she admitted that the sound of the pan first hitting my face was not as musical as she had hoped. Which is why she kept trying until she got a passable C-sharp from the back of my skull.

Damn pan doesn’t have a dent in it.

Why Stories Exist

Stories seem pointless. How can listening to a lie about someone who never existed, doing impossible things in places that also never existed, be of any use to anyone’s life? How does this behavior give us an evolutionary advantage?

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