Writing isn’t about head or heart; it’s about your butt

Writing is about getting your ass in a seat day after day and pounding on the  keyboard.

Every day, I hate getting started writing. I’d always rather surf reddit. But every morning, I force myself to write for exactly five minutes. That’s all I make myself do: five minutes. But, and this always happens, after five minutes I’m into a groove, and coming up with 500 words isn’t the impossible task it seemed five minutes ago. Soon, I’m enjoying myself, I’m in the character’s heads and I’m trying to get them into more trouble.   Continue reading

How to screw up an ad on Reddit for your self-published book

I wanted to drum up some interest in my recently-published fantasy book Nyx, so I decided to experiment with an ad on the popular site Reddit, where I spend far more time than I should.

I decided to focus on the Fantasy subreddit, since Nyx is a fantasy book and Fantasy focuses on Fantasy books. The minimun for a targeted ad on Reddit is $30/day, and I decided to spread it over 3 days, just to see what would happen.

Here’s what the ad looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 11.26.50 AM

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Costs of Self-publishing

I’ve just self-published Nyx, my first novel on amazon. I’ve put together a print book and an ebook. Amazon is (hopefully) in the process of linking those two together right now.

Since I got a huge amount of help from writers who have shared their experiences, I thought I’d do the same. I’ll start with the costs of self-publishing. I’ve decided to go the print-on-demand route of CreateSpace.
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